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Metastatic Kidney Cancer
Written by Jaime Landman, Jamie Kearns and George Haramis

Questions for Dr. Landman

As a patient with metastatic kidney cancer, what should I do?
The most important fact to remember as a patient with metastatic kidney cancer is that you are not alone, and there are many resources available to you.  About 15,000 people will be diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer this year in the United States alone.

The first step to take is to see a Urologist familiar with kidney cancer with whom you can discuss your treatment options. Your urologist will collaborate with an oncologist (medical doctor who is a specialist in the medical treatment of kidney cancer) to help optimize your treatment.

There is no single answer as to the best treatment for every patient, and your treatment will depend of many factors unique to yourself.  Educating yourself about kidney cancer prior to your appointment may make your conversation with your doctor more productive, but always be aware of the variable quality of information available.

Finally, there are many support groups available to meet other patients and families of patients with metastatic kidney cancer.  These groups can provide important practical information as well as support for you and your family.


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Complementary Mangement Strategies

More details on metastatic how
kidney cancer spreads

What are the challenges in treating metastatic kidney cancer?

How does metastatic kidney cancer affect my body?

How common is metastatic kidney cancer?

Which organs are most likely to be affected by metastatic kidney cancer?

What is the prognosis of people with metastatic kidney cancer?

As a patient with metastatic kidney cancer, what should I do?

Treatment for Metastatic Kidney Cancer

Why is metastatic cancer worse than localized cancer?

How is metastatic kidney cancer treated?

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